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Ukraine Support

Opportunities and support for Ukrainian Refugees

Free First Aid training and support

The war in Ukraine appears to be affecting the whole world in such a negative way, we need to come together as best we can in order to defeat the ugly powers that be. Ukraine and its citizens have shown unfathomable courage and strength - I'm sure you can agree, we in the UK are in awe of such incredible resilience and would love nothing more than to help our friends fight back and recover. 

Here at Brockbank Training & Development, we feel very strongly about supporting Ukraine in any way that we can, so that's why we are offering a free day of first aid training to those wanting to learn about trauma injury management and the different topics of emergency life support.

 Training days can be held anywhere in the UK.

For any Ukrainian or supporting organisation that would like to arrange a day to take part, please feel free to get in touch below.


We'd love to hear from you

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